PAT Testing Colour Coded By Year

As with all our services we try to make life as easy as possible for both our customers and our engineers...

We use a unique colour-coded system for our PAT testing services.

This year '2015' it's a bright orange sticker which clearly displays the 'passed' description on one side, as well as the unique item number and date of test on the other.

The days of scrambling around on your hands and knees looking for tiny dates are over, if its orange it was tested in 2015...job done.

For our customers this means at a quick glance you can be sure that all your items have been tested and are safe for use. Likewise our engineers can, at a glance, ensure that all your items have been tested.

The alternative system being used by many other companies are the standard green and white labels with the date printed on them, the trouble with this system means that all labels need to be checked individually, as all labels are the same from one year to the next, the date if often very small and the whole process takes time.

Unique in other services too

We like to be unique in our approach to Pat testing; we also use colour-coding by year on all of our other services, such as fire extinguisher servicing & pest control.

Please contact us if you would like a sample sticker sending to you     TEL: 01282 792535