Clearance TestingSpray Booth Clearance Testing.

Spray Booth Clearance Testing

Spray booth clearance testing is a procedure for measuring the clearance time of a spray booth or room using a professional industrial smoke machine and mist which is specifically formulated to mimic the most common aerosols used. Our smoke machines are designed to be used within professional spray booths.

The HSE advise that the clearance test should be checked just before the filters in the spray booth or room are changed to give a worst-case time scenario. It is also recommended that the clearance time test should be included in the 14-month thorough maintenance examination of the booth or room; however, more frequent testing may be required. An A4 notice is then displayed on all entrances of the booth or room, ensuring that all personnel have been advised on the amount of time required to clear, before being safe to enter without the normally required PPE.


The HSE provide additional information and resources on clearance testing, please click here to find out more.

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