EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) Commercial and Domestic

An EICR or Electrical Installation Condition Report is a document that is produced following the inspection of a property by a qualified electrician or approved contractor.  Available for both domestic and commercial properties, an EICR inspection is performed to check a property’s electrical installation and ensure that it is safe and fit for purpose.

Commercial EICR

Commercial EICR’s are electrical installation condition reports that are conducted on non-domestic properties. These include factories, warehouses, care homes, retail premises and other properties that are used for commercial purposes.

EICR periodic inspections

It is highly recommended that your commercial, domestic and rented properties have their fixed wiring and electrical installations checked on a regular basis. The recommended guidelines for this include:

  • Commercial properties – recommendations are that business properties have an EICR inspection once every five years
  • Buy-to-let or rented properties – Once every five years or when a new tenant enters the property
  • Domestic properties – Once every 10 years or once a year if the property has a swimming pool.

EICR Results

Once the EICR inspection has been completed any issues found will be listed on the report. This will include the reason for failure and the severity of the issue. Issues listed will be graded in accordance with the EICR fault codes to show how severe they are. These include:

  1. C1 – This means that ‘Danger is present’ and risk of injury is likely. Immediate action must be taken.
  2. C2 – This classification means that there is potential for danger and remedial action is urgently needed.
  3. C3 – In this case it is recommended that improvements are recommended on your electrical installation but not required. This is the only code you can have on your EICR and still pass.

If the inspection is passed and/or all urgent work has been completed you will be provided with an electrical installation certificate of safety that ensures the electrics within your domestic or commercial property are safe and fit for use.

How long does an EICR take?

The duration of an EICR inspection depends entirely on the size of the location and the complexity of the installation. At Focus on Testing we have worked on EICR inspections that have ranged between a few hours and several weeks. To ensure your business is affected as little as possible we work closely with you to establish a time and strategy that will result in minimal business downtime.

What does an EICR focus on?

An EICR inspection will assess the electrical installation of your domestic or commercial property and make sure it is running effectively and efficiently, this includes issues such as deterioration or defects. Once complete, the report will highlight any issues within electrical installation, these range from issues causing imminent and potential danger through to minor recommended improvements.  Examples include:

  • Issues that may cause overheating
  • Issues with potential to cause electric shock
  • Fire hazards
  • Issues with bonding or earthing
  • Faulty electrical work that could lead to injury or death

Commercial EICR specialists

 If you require an EICR for your property or require further advice call our EICR experts today for advice and a fast, free quote.

Our team of NICEIC trained specialists are here to provide you and your business with an award-winning standard of service that ensures you’re the electrics within your commercial property are safe and working effectively and efficiently.