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PAT testing, also known as portable appliance testing, is the process of testing the safety of all portable appliances in a workplace to reduce the risk of injury, or even death, from an appliance that is faulty.

A PAT test certificate is the certification that you will receive from a qualified professional once a PAT test inspection has been completed. The PAT test certificate confirms that you as a business owner has completed a portable appliance test and that all appliances in your workplace are safe to use.

What is classed as a portable appliance?

A portable appliance is an appliance/device that is has an electrical plug that can be plugged into or unplugged from a socket. This includes monitors, computers, portable heaters and pretty much any other electrical device that uses an electrical socket.

Are PAT test certificates expensive?

The price of a PAT test depends primarily on the number of portable appliances/devices you have on your premises. Therefore, there is generally a significant difference between a large collection of offices and a single office. Thankfully, we offer the some of the best prices where PAT testing is concerned with differing rates available dependant on the number of appliances that need testing. All of which is backed up by our award-winning service.

PAT test certificate services nationwide

If you require a PAT test for your workplace, or would like to discuss PAT testing for your business, Focus on Testing are here to help. We offer a friendly, fast and convenient service at very competitive prices nationwide.

For your benefit, our service goes much further than other PAT testers offering an online portal for PAT certificates, colour coded stickers for quick identification of when a PAT test is required any many other benefits.

Along with this we also offer a wide range of services that may be applicable for your business.

If you would like to discuss your PAT testing requirements or would like a fast, free quote, call us today on 0330 088 4597 or send us a message via the form on this page where one of our PAT testing specialists is here to help.


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