Rental property EICR Landlords Electrical Certificate

If you are landlord renting out property in England you are required, from July 1st 2020, to have an electrical Installation condition report (EICR), conducted by a qualified professional, for any rental property where a new or renewed lease has been issued. For tenants currently in situ, an EICR before April 2020.

If you currently have an EICR for each of your rented properties it’s worth checking their validity due to the 18th edition of the wiring regulations that came into force in 2019. Changes made in this edition have invalidated many electrical installation reports so it is important as a landlord to get this checked.

From July 2020 an EICR is a legal requirement for landlords

Before July 2020 an EICR for rented property was only really an advisory for landlords with the Landlord and Tenants Act (1985) outlining the responsibility, landlords have with regards to the safety of tenants.

However, from 1st July 2020 new legislation came into force where all new and renewed rental property leases must have a valid, up to date Electrical test certificate by law.

Do I need an EICR for rental properties?

Without an EICR for your rental properties, landlords could now face enforcement action from the local authorities. This includes fines of up to £30,000. At any time, as a landlord you may be asked by the local authorities to provide an EICR report for each of your rental properties, all of which must be provided within seven days. Therefore, it is essential that each of your rented properties has an EICR before the authorities make a request.

What is an Electrical Safety Installation Report (EICR) for rented property?

An EICR is a report that has been generated from a full-scale inspection that has been performed by a qualified EICR professional. For the EICR your rented properties electrical system will be checked for any faults that would not normally be found with a visual inspection. This may include faults that can cause overloading, overheating and/or potentially fatal shocks.

Before an EICR is provided the electrical system in your rented property must be fully passed with any urgent remedial work being completed. Once an inspection is passed your new EICR certificate of safety will be provided giving you, your tenants and the local authority the peace of mind that your electrical systems are safe.

Where can I find an EICR professional to inspect my rented properties?

If you are a landlord who requires an EICR for your rental property Focus on Testing are here to help. Our fully qualified EICR inspectors are here to provide a fast, friendly competitive service for all of your electrical needs.

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