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Asbestos Surveys, Management and Samples

The duty to manage asbestos is a legal requirement under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (Regulation 4) applies to the owners and occupiers of commercial premises (such as shops, offices, industrial units etc.) who have the responsibility for maintenance and repair activities.

In addition to these responsibilities, they also have a duty to assess the presence and condition of any asbestos-containing materials. If asbestos is present, or is presumed to be present, then it must be managed appropriately. The duty also applies to the shared parts of some domestic premises. A Management Survey aims to ensure that nobody is harmed by the continuing presence of ACM's (Asbestos Containing Material) in the premises or equipment, that the ACM's remain in good condition and that nobody disturbs it accidentally.

In the past asbestos has been extensively used in the building trade due to its beneficial effects such as insulation, flexibility and fire protection. Buildings built during 1940 – 1985, are more likely to contain asbestos. The use of all asbestos was banned in 1999 due to the potential ill effects of asbestos when disturbed and fibres released into the air. There is currently no legal requirement to remove asbestos as long as it is maintained and kept in good condition.

The purpose of a management survey is to ascertain if the site has asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and if so how they will be managed during the normal occupation and use of premises. 

A Management Survey aims to ensure that:

  • Nobody is harmed by the continuing presence of ACM in the premises or equipment.
  • That the ACM remain in good condition.
  • Nobody disturbs it accidentally.
  • The survey may locate ACM that could be damaged or disturbed by normal activities, by foreseeable maintenance, or by installing new equipment.
  • The report process may involve minor intrusion and minor asbestos disturbance.

How much does an Asbestos Survey cost?

 This all depends on the size of the premise and how many samples need to be taken. If you would like to request a quote please click on the quote section below or if you would like any more information, why not give one of our friendly account managers a call.


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